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2019 - 03 - 14
2019 - 03 - 14

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UN Procurement Public Bidding Procedure

The normal procedures followed by the UN system for the various procurement levels of individual contracts is as follows (with minor variations among the agencies):

Values of purchase orders up to US $30,000: A direct selection of possible suppliers is done by the procurement officer concerned, normally three suppliers are identified. Based on an analysis of the quotations received, the order is awarded to the supplier that meets the specifications and delivery terms and has the lowest price.

Value of Purchase orders from US $30,000 up to US $100,000: Limited competitive bidding is done by inviting a pre-selected short list of suppliers to respond through sealed bids. The shortlist consists of suppliers from developing countries, including the recipient country; under-utilized donor countries and other donor countries. The order is awarded to the most qualified and responsive contractor submitting the lowest bid.

Value of Purchase orders from US $100,000 and up: International competitive bidding is the rule. If exigencies of a project so allow, suppliers are invited to bid by advertisement in the UN publication “Development Business”, IAPSO’s Business Opportunities on www.iapso.org“ or other trade publications. When requests for proposals have been issued, contracts shall be awarded to the best evaluated responsive offer.

From the above follows that active search for information on approved projects and other business opportunities, together with active marketing towards the UN executing agency concerned, is the most efficient way for a company to enter the UN market.